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Network Management with NetMan

Network Manager should be able to manage devices like routers,bridges etc. The manager should be able to poll(observe) the devices for their statistical data and should be able to control them too.
OS used: Linux
License: GNU General Public License

For the above motive we will be using SNMP while concentrating mostly on SNMPv3 ,and we will be taking help of local data sniffer and other analyzers if SNMP fails to meet our demands or if we want to add things which are simply not supported by it.

Design Brief:
The design of this manager will be according to RFC's 2272,2273,2274 and 2275. Each of it's module like module for GUI and module for SNMP will be linked using a custom designed general message passing utility. This message passing utility will make modules portable across the network ie one module (ex GUI) can be one machine while the other (ex SNMP) can be on the other machine.
In short a distributed architecture.

Work Done:
The design and coding of conversion function using BER is over and is tested using SNMPv1 type messages.
ASN.1 parser/translator coding and testing is going on.

We need some help:
Our team includes only 2 ppl ! and i am the only person doing the full coding part ! So if you can help in this project , you are invited to join our team :-) E-mail me if you want to join.