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 Name: Rohit Srivastava



Presently doing the Bachelor of Technology course in Electronics and Communication Engineering - ( University of Calicut ) at Regional Engineering College, Calicut, India.

Field of Interest:
Computer Communications and Networking, Networking Protocols, Computer Systems Security ( particularly UNIX ), WebPage technology.

Software Exposure:

Operating Systems:
 Mostly Unix , so Unix OS (SunOS ,Sun Solaris , Linux ) , their internals etc.

Programming Languages:
Procedure Oriented:

Object Oriented:
C++, JAVA.

HTML, JAVA, JavaScript.

TCP/IP Protocol suite,(BSD) Sockets Programming with C and with JAVA ,TCP/IP internals , SNMP.

Software Projects:

Hobbies: Unix kernel and network programming , net surfing , making homepages ,chatting ,listening music( metal bands ), etc.